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Obituary for Murray Allan Dunlop

Murray Allan Dunlop was born April 20, 1929 in Regina to George and Hilda Dunlop they moved to Sylvania when Murray was a very young toddler.

When Murray was seven his little brother Kent Dunlop was born and shortly after that they moved to an acreage in Allanville. They ran a little store there where Murray attended the Allanville school until grade 8 and then attended high school in Sylvania until grade 11.

Murray was working in the logging industry in the Nipawin area when a log fell off a load and onto his back, breaking his spine. He was left in a body cast in Regina hospital for several months.

When Murray‘s back healed he worked on a farm near Rosetown for a few years then he worked in northern Ontario in an open pit mine and he eventually was offered a good position there as an engineer on the railway.

The call for farming was too loud and he decided to leave Ontario and go back home The decision to take the train that particular day would forever change his life as God had led him to a chance encounter with a young lady named Eileen Johnson. They kept in touch and were married on July 28, 1956, just 10 short months later.

Murray was working on the oil rigs in southern Saskatchewan in January 1957 and had 60 feet of drill stem pipe fall on his right hand amputating it. He was sent to Regina for groundbreaking surgery to reattach his hand. Two years of hospital stay and rehab followed. Eileen moved to Regina, worked and visited every day. Their first son Allan was born that May 1957.

When Allan was just two years old Murray & Eileen bought a farm 6 miles from Sylvania and Murray set out to fulfil his dream of farming. Their second son Jerry, came along in 1960.

They started as a mixed farm with cattle, chickens, turkeys, grain and milking the cows by hand with Murray occasionally working the winters in the bush. Eileen took care of the cattle, kids and home.

In 1962 both Murray and Eileen were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church which begin an even closer walk with God for the rest of their lives

In 1972 their barn burned down and that summer was spent milking cows under the stars, the full moon, and the northern lights. They then started a bigger dairy farm and shipped milk which they did until 1979. They grain farmed until 2000 when they rented their farm land and moved to Melfort to live their retirement.

In 1978 Murray & Eileen took the train from Tisdale to Vancouver and went on a six week holiday, the first in their life since they were married. During the 80s 90s and 2000s Murray & Eileen took many trips on the McConaughey bus tours all over Canada and the States and travelled on many family trips with their kids and grandkids and enjoying making many happy memories. They spent many a day with Allan and Marnie at the lake with the campers They loved to attend grandchildren’s music festivals, graduations, sporting events, and skiing competitions in The Pas, Regina and Cochrane Alberta.

They went to Alaska on their 50th anniversary and celebrated the summer solstice June 21, 2006 up north of the Arctic Circle watching the midnight sun.

When Eileen passed away in 2013 his wife of 57 years, the one that was by his side working right along with him in most everything he did, life changed dramatically for Murray.

Two years ago at the age of 88 Murray rode on the back of Jerry‘s touring motorcycle from Lake Louise Alberta to Kimberly BC with some relatives on their bikes, GoPros capturing it all. Then after the bike trip they went to a zip line by Nelson BC, he was suspended only in a body harness attached to a rope several hundred feet above the valley and mountain terrain. He got up to speeds of over 50 mph with the longest zip line being over a kilometre; he loved the adventures.

This last fall he took a trip up to The Pas and at the last minute, decided to take the gravel Tote road and he had a blowout on a front tire. He almost had the tire completely changed when along came a trucker to finish the tire change (pretty good for a 90-year-old).

Murray would love to go for drives, for road trips in the country checking out the crops. He always had a notebook in his pocket, a flashlight and a magnet; he was always prepared and kept many notes and lists.

When Murray would eat something new and if he enjoyed it he would ask for the directions on how to make it, thou seldom cooking much. He loved his apples and raspberries and would gather them up every year making lots of applesauce, apple juice and freezing all the berries.

Murray would often express how proud he was of his grandchildren and would often say “you’re doing real good”; and it was so nice to hear.

Murray attended the monthly Sylvania cemetery cleanup with other relatives and never missed any right up to the fall of this last year.

Murray talked with many relatives and friends during his recent stay in the hospital. During one such visit, he said he was trusting Jesus to take him home to be reunited with Eileen, the love of his life and he felt very deep comfort knowing that he would be soon reunited.

Murray Allan Dunlop is predeceased by his parents George and Hilda Dunlop and his brother Kent Dunlop. Left to cherish Murray’s memory are his son Allan (Marnie McCracken) Dunlop and their sons Mitchell and Patrick; Jerry Dunlop and his children Michele, Greg and Jerilyn and many other relatives, extended family and friends.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made in Murray's name directly to the Sylvania Legion.