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Obituary for Cory Leonard Simon

Cory Leonard Simon was born April 28, 1977 in Melfort Sk. He was oldest of 8 siblings.

Cory grew up in Melfort. He loved going out to his grandmas farm where he spent most of his time running around with his cousins and winter time, on the ice which his uncle Pieter had made every year. 

Hockey was a big thing for Cory at a young age where the Edmonton Oilers came into his life and the big Wayne Gretzky was his idol.  Cory loved sports in school.

At Broadway School he loved track n field, floor hockey and many more. When he got to high school, he got to compete in running at the field house in Saskatoon where he won a medal. 
As Cory grew up, he started to work at the Venice House in Melfort as a prep cook then became a head cook as the years went on and he loved his job. When family or friends came into the restaurant, Cory would either order a dessert for them or come out and say Hi. 

In his spare time, he loved to play street hockey in the summer and ice hockey at a friends backyard in the winters. And hanging out with his friends.

When Cory got his license, well well, he was so excited to start driving. That’s when the stereo became a huge thing. It started off as a very little stereo to a huge stereo that would set off bank alarms. Cory loved his cars and stereos. He loved doing laps or even a last-minute road trip to pa or Saskatoon with friends.  Even if he had $6 to put in his car to cruise around, he would! 

Mid 20’s, Cory met Nicole. Cory moved to Lethbridge to move with Nicole and continue the relationship. Cory got a job at Ricks Grill as a cook.  They later on moved to Medicine Hat, AB where Cory got a job at the subfield military base as a head cook. 

They later on welcomed Reed and Everly. Cory was so excited to become a Dad. His kids met the world to him and you can see it in the pictures. When Cory talked about Reed, he would always say “my boy” with a big smile on his face or just the excitement in his voice. Same with Miss Everly. He would send pictures to his family or friends of the kids. He loved them so much. 

Cory was a very outgoing, funny, not shy, great personality guy. He got along with EVERYONE.  If it was at a party or if you just met him, you could have a great conversation with him. 

So when you hear a loud stereo, see the Edmonton Oilers play or see his kids, think of Cory because I know he would have the hugest smile on his face. 

Cory was survived by his kids: Reed and Everly Simon; his dad Leonard Simon followed by his 4 sisters: Lynn Simon, Nikita, Rachelle and Carlytta Lorenzi, and his 3 brothers: Jeff and Tyrese Simon and Nicholas Lorenzi, followed by cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. 

He was predeceased by his mother Shirley Simon.

Friends so wishing may make memorial contributions to a Charity of One's Choice.