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Obituary for Bryon Clark Quibell

Bryon was born on November 12, 1949 in Melfort, SK to Cecil and Hilda Quibell. He grew up on a farm in the Silver Park area. They had a mixed farm with chickens, cattle and pigs. He and his siblings had cows to milk before they could head to school for the day. Bryon attended the Silver Park School. It is a known fact that he would sometimes disappear from school and run back home so some of the older school aged children would have to catch him and take him back to school. He just wanted to be back on the farm. He started helping on the farm at a very young age, so young in fact that when he first started driving the tractor he had to stand up in order to see over the steering wheel. On top of livestock, they also had crops to tend to. Life was very busy on the farm. Bryon’s family eventually got into custom hauling livestock, and he took over this business after he and Gloria were married.
Bryon loved to play ball and was a very good fastball pitcher. He played with Northstar and Pleasantdale Jets ball teams and would also sub in for other teams in the area on occasion. They played many games and travelled for tournaments. They had an unusual way to travel to out of town games and tournaments. They had a truck camper where team members would simply pile into the camper, in the box of the truck and away they would go. This definitely was not legal, and one time the police did pull them over. The police officer opened the door to the truck camper, looked inside, and simply shut the door and walked away. Ah, good times.
It was while playing fastball that he first laid eyes on his bride to be in 1971. Gloria was watching the game and Bryon happened to notice her in the stands. He asked around who she was and was able to track her down to ask her out. He proposed the Friday night of the Melfort fair that summer and they were married February 5, 1972. They bought the farm in 1973 and had two sons. Bartley was born on February 11, 1973 and Jeffrey on April 23, 1975.
Bryon got out of custom livestock hauling shortly after he and Gloria were married and focused on growing their family farm. They had a herd of cattle, pigs in the barn and farmed various types of crops. Bryon worked very hard on the farm. Bart and Jeff spent many hours helping their dad in all areas of farm-life. As if running a farm wasn’t enough work, Bryon also drove a school bus for many years.
Bryon was quite the carpenter as well. He went to work constructing many things over the years. With the help of family and friends, he built their barn and garage on the farm and also built the addition onto their home. He would quite often tell the boys: measure twice, cut once. He was very precise in his building and he taught these skills to both Bart and Jeff.
Bryon was passionate about hunting and fishing. He and a group of friends had annual hunting trips in the old hunting bus. Bryon was involved in an accident that further injured his low back and neck when he was in his 50’s. He was unable to recover from these injuries, and as the years went on, his health deteriorated to the point where he was unable to continue with these group hunting trips. These injuries along with his diabetes slowed him down and he was not able to be as active as he once was. He enjoyed catching up with friends and reminiscing about the stories of all the hunting escapades they had in previous years. Some of these stories may have been embellished as the years went on.
Even though farming occupied much of his time, he still had time for fun. He introduced the boys to fishing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, baseball and he would take them over to skate on the pond at Derkatz. Bryon and Gloria also travelled to Las Vegas a couple of times over the years. They drove down to Las Vegas for their 5th wedding anniversary with Walter and Gloria Tkachuk. They flew down the second time with even more friends. They also took Bart and Jeff skiing in the mountains. And of course there were countless fishing trips over the years - both ice fishing trips and many, many trips up to Jan Lake. If he could have spent everyday fishing up at Jan Lake he would have.
In 1976 Bryon put his carpentry skills to work helping his dad build the cabin at Jan Lake. They also had other family and friends come and help with the construction. Their cabin at Jan Lake was Bryon’s refuge, his happy place. His heart was always at the lake and it always made him feel at peace anytime they could get up North. Many trips have been made up to Jan over the years. He thoroughly loved having his grandchildren with him at the lake. He loved to see their faces when they pulled in a fish. I am pretty sure he was able to witness the first fish caught by each of his grandchildren. The trips up to the lake were not complete unless they had stopped for ice cream either at Choiceland or Caribou Creek. I do believe there may have been a time or two where they stopped for ice cream at both places on the way up - because one can never have too much ice cream! Then once at the lake there were nightly trips to Jed’s for ice cream treats and then everyone would head over to the dump to watch the bears in action.
It was almost a tradition to have the grandchildren with Bryon and Gloria at the cabin for July long weekend. Bryon could not get over how his granddaughters would out fish him with the pink jigs.
There are a few things I can tell you with absolute certainty. Bryon loved Gloria immensely. He loved his sons deeply and was proud of the men they have grown to be. His grandchildren were his pride and joy. He quite liked being entertained by of all their shenanigans they would get into while visiting the farm. There are way too many stories to tell and we would not want to incriminate any of his grandchildren, so those stories will be left unsaid. Bryon liked his pancakes cooked to a dark brown color and he liked his toast crispy. He loved red twizzlers and would often try to convince his grandchildren to buy him some without Gloria knowing. He used to have Cheezies and other candy readily available for his grandchildren – no matter what time of day it was. He always had a story to tell. He called it like he saw it. He loved watching sports - literally any sport he could find on TV, though his grandchildren could never quite understand how he could watch so many hours of curling. He liked to start out a conversation with “so, do you know any gossip?” And he was always quick to ask Gloria to put on a pot of coffee anytime anyone came to the farm so they could have a good visit.
Bryon is survived by his loving wife Gloria, sons Bartley and Jeffrey, daughters-in-law Julia and Tania, grandchildren Carter and his girlfriend Brittany, Tylen and her boyfriend Bryden, Bailey, Jaiden and Collin, sister Sharon Jordan, Jeff Parkvold and numerous other relatives and friends.
Bryon was predeceased by parents Cecil and Hilda, sister Audrey Froc, mother-in-law Elsie Flodell, brothers-in-law Maurice Froc, Stu Jordan and Ron Flodell, and sister-in- law Dian Morgans.
Bryon will be forever missed by all those who knew and loved him.
A Private Service was held for Bryon with interment taking place at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Melfort.
Friends so wishing may make memorial contributions to the Melfort Wildlife Federation.